Freddie Mercury (born Farrokh Bomi Bulsara) was an English musician best known as the lead singer of Queen.

Early Life

Farrokh Bomi Bulsara was born on September 5, 1946, to Bomi and Jer Bulsara in Stone Town, Zanzibar, off the coast of Tanzania (He is Persian). Bulsara's father was a cashier at the British Colonial Office, and his mother remained at home to take care of the family. He has a younger sister, Kashmira Bulsara (now Kashmira Cooke), who was born in 1952.

Bulsara attended St. Peter's School (Boarding school)  in the city of Panchgani, near Bombay, India. While attending , he excelled at many subjects and sports, including boxing and running, he disliked sports such as hockey, and he won a championship for table tennis. He later joined up with several friends to form The Hectics, for which he played the piano.

It was during this time he began to go by the name "Freddie." The name later moved to his family as well.  His schooling remained in zanibar for most of his childhood. He later completed his education at St. Mary's School in Mazagon, and returned officially to Zanzibar.

In 1964, the Zanzibar Revolution began with the overthrow of the Sultan. Freddie was 17 years old at the time, and his family quickly fled to Feltham, London, England. He enrolled at West Thames College to study studied art theory. He later attended Ealing Art College, and earned a degree in art and graphic design.

Freddie Mercury - The Official Birthday Video

Freddie Mercury - The Official Birthday Video

After graduation, Bulsara worked selling clothing in Kensington Market in London, and also worked part-time at Heathrow Airport. In 1969, he formed a band called Ibex, which was later renamed Wreckage. When the band didn't make much success, he joined a second band called Sour Milk Sea. By early 1970, this band had also broken up.

In April of 1970, Bulsara joined friends Brian May and Roger Taylor, formerly of Smile, of which he had been an avid fan of, to form Queen.

Freddie Mercury - Transformation From 1 To 45 Years Old

Freddie Mercury - Transformation From 1 To 45 Years Old

Shortly after formation, Freddie had decided to change his surname to Mercury, taken from his song, My Fairy King.


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