From the Beeb to Tokyo
Album by Queen
Released 1990
Recorded 1973, 1977

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This Album From the Beeb to Tokyo (1990)
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From the Beeb to Tokyo is a bootleg album[1] not to be confused with the official album At the Beeb.

Track listingEdit

  1. See What A Fool I've Been
  2. Keep Yourself Alive
  3. Liar
  4. Son And Daughter

(BBC session July 25th. 1973)

  1. Spread Your Wings
  2. It's Late
  3. My Melancholy Blues
  4. We Will Rock You  (slow~fast)

(BBC session October 28th. 1977. Actually not sure of date is correct, might be the broadcast date)

  1. Intro: Procession  (tape)
  2. Father To Son
  3. Ogre Battle
  4. Son And Daughter

(Rainbow Theatre, London  March 31st. 1974.  Pro-soundboard recording.) 

  1. Brighton Rock

(Hammersmith Odeon, London  December 24th. 1975.  BBC 'In Concert')

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