Hammer to Fall
Single by Queen from The Works
Released 1984
Length 3:40
Genre Hard Rock
Label EMI / Capitol
Writer Brian May
Musicians Freddie Mercury (Vocals), Brian May (Guitar), John Deacon (Bass), Roger Taylor (Drums)
Producer(s) Queen and Mack

Single Chronology
Last single It's A Hard Life (1984)
This single Hammer to Fall (1984)
Next single Thank God It's Christmas (1984)
Last track Keep Passing the Open Windows
This track Hammer to Fall
Next track Is This the World We Created...?

Hammer To Fall is a song written by Brian May. It appears on the album The Works and was released as a single in 1984. It is a guitar-driven hard rock song based around a repeating guitar riff in the key of A major. The pitch of the recorded song sounds slightly flat. The song was a hit throughout Europe, reaching number 13 in the UK charts, but it did not chart in the US.


Album version (4:28)Edit

This is the version of the song which appears on the album The Works. It can also be heard on Queen Rocks and was the version which Queen played live.

Single edit (3:40)Edit

The single version of the song was edited down by almost 50 seconds to remove an instrumental section in the middle and to shorten the outro. It features a different vocal take by Freddie Mercury on the line "baby, now your struggle's all in vain" and a re-recorded guitar solo with some added guitar harmonies. The single edit appears on Greatest Hits II and in the song's music video.

Headbanger's Mix / Extended version / 12" version (5:25)Edit

An extended version of the song (known as the 'Headbanger's Mix') was released as a 12" single and also appears on The 12" Collection and the bonus disc of the 2011 deluxe edition of The Works. It features an extended intro based on the song's bridge and a new extended guitar solo towards the end of the song.


Hammer to Fall is the track number 8 of the album The Works. It was also featured in the compilation Greatest Hits II and in Queen Rocks.


Here we stand or here we fall

History won't care at all

Make the bed light the light

Lady Mercy won't be home tonight yeah

You don't waste no time at all

Don't hear the bell but you answer the call

It comes to you as to us all

We're just waiting

For the hammer to fall

Oh ev'ry night and every day

A little piece of you is falling away

But lift your face the Western Way

Build your muscles as your body decays yeah

Toe your line and play their game yeah

Let the anaesthetic cover it all

Till one day they call your name

You know it's time for the hammer to fall

Rich or poor or famous

For your truth it's all the same (oh no oh no)

Lock your door the rain is pouring

Through your window pane (oh no)

Baby now your struggle's all in vain

For we who grew up tall and proud

In the shadow of the mushroom cloud

Convinced our voices can't be heard

We just wanna scream it louder and louder louder

What the hell we fighting for?

Just surrender and it won't hurt at all

You just got time to say your prayers

While your waiting for the hammer to hammer to fall

It's gonna fall know..hammer to fall

While you're waiting for the hammer to fall

Give it to me one more time

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