In Nuce
Album by Smile
Recorded 1968-70
Format CD

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The CD is actually a compilation of pre-Queen recordings. It contains some (if not all, according to the liner notes) recordings by May & Taylor's previous band, Smile, on one hand, and on the other hand some recordings by the Queen members at their beginning. The Smile songs show enough creativity (mostly good compositions, even though they sound like they were recorded hastily; my guess is that the band could have used some more time to actually work on the songs). Unfortunately, the sound of these recordings is very poor. However, as a die-hard Queen fan, I was glad to hear how May's guitar sounded back then (Taylor's voice sounded the same then as throughout the '70's, the '80's etc -was he born with that harshness?). One can detect the seeds of May's extraordinary-to-become playing in these songs. Moreover, the song "Blag" contains a sample of May's guitar licks later to be heard in Queen tracks, like "Son And Daughter". The infamous "Larry Lurex" single (recorded by the Queen members) "I Can Hear Music" and its b-side, "Going Back", are cover tunes. Musically, they lie very much outside the range of early Queen music (they are absolutely poppish) and their sound is also poor. Listening to how Freddie's voice sounded before the first Queen record is the (only) interesting thing about them (even though young Freddie could have done a bit better, even back then). The remix of "Going Back" has a better sound and the whole beat thing reminds me of Freddie's remixes on tunes like "Love Kills". As for "Mad The Swine", the only "genuine" Queen track (recorded during the sessions for the first Queen album), it really sounds like early Queen (the happy-singing side of the band) and has a definite value, as a long lost song (even though a remixed version can be found in the "Headlong" CD single, many years after the original recording). So, in conclusion, if you're a die-hard Queen fan, you are obliged to buy this. If not, you'd better pass.

Track listingEdit

  1. Going Back (Larry Lurex)
  2. I Can Hear Music (Larry Lurex)
  3. Mad the Swine (Queen)
  4. Earth (Smile)
  5. April Lady (Smile)
  6. Polar Bear (Smile
  7. Step on Me (Smile)
  8. Blag (Smile)

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