Mr. Sad Guy
Album by Freddie Mercury
Released 1990s
Recorded 1983-1985
Format CD

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Mr. Sad Guy is a unofficial album with different versions of tracks from Mr. Bad Guy all taken from officially released sources.

Track listingEdit

  1. Love Kills  (extended version, 12Inch)
  2. I Was Born To Love You  (extended version, 12Inch)
  3. Stop All The Fighting  (b-side single tracks)
  4. Made In Haven  (extended version, 12Inch)
  5. She Blows Hot And Cold  (extended version, 12Inch)
  6. Living On My Own  (extended version, 12Inch)
  7. My Love Is Dangerous  (extended version, 12Inch)
  8. Love Me Like There's No Tomorrow  (extended version, 12Inch)
  9. Let's Turn It On  (extended version, 12Inch)
  10. Time  (extended mix)
  11. The Great Pretender  (extended version,  12Inch)
  12. Hold On  (duet with Jo Dare, from 'Zabul' soundtrack album)  
  13. Love Is The Hero  (w/Billy Squier, extended version 12Inch, Freddie on intro)
  14. Heaven For Everyone  ('The Cross' version with Freddie on vocals)
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