Muse are a British rock band formed in the late nineties whose primary influence is Queen. To date they have released five studio albums.

Influence Edit

  • Matt Bellamy (frontman of Muse) has cited Queen and Freddie Mercury as his (and the band's) greatest influence on various occassions.
  • A concert leg of Muse concerts; "A Seaside Rendezvous", was named after a Queen song ("Seaside Rendezvous", A Night at the Opera).
  • A 'Muse' is a mythological goddess. Thus the name is similar to 'Queen' in the sense that they both imply female leadership and in a literary sense are both short, one-syllable words.

Similarities Edit

Musical Edit

  • "United States of Eurasia" is the most Queen-like Muse composition yet, featuring various operatic crescendos throughout its running time; a number distinctively similar to "Bohemian Rhapsody".
  • "Exogenesis: Symphony" is a three-part orchestral composition on Muse's most recent album, written by Matt Bellamy as an experiment. A very similar 'experimental' number exists as the final track on Queen's most recent studio album also, (Made in Heaven) which was released in 1995.
  • Queen's 'experiment' was at 22 minutes in length, meaning roughly one minute per year since the release of their very first album. Muse's composition is about 12 minutes in length - and their first album was released just over 11 years ago.
  • Muse's music is never similar when compared with each other. Like Queen, they are always prepared to experiment and evolve their style.
  • When Queen's lead guitarist wrote songs, his lyrics always had ambiguous meaning and a great sense of substance. This is exactly the same with Bellamy (also Muse's lead guitarist).
  • "Guiding Light" by Muse has an extremely similar structure to various Queen numbers.

Other Edit

  • Muse's first two albums (Showbiz and Origin of Symmetry) were composed of much heavier works in contrast to their later records, and attracted very little mainstream attention. Both of Queen's first two albums (Queen and Queen II) followed an identical pattern.
  • Their fourth album (Black Holes and Revelations) signified their breakthrough, as did A Night at the Opera (also their fourth album) for Queen.
  • Muse shows are very theatrical, in the sense that they go to extreme lengths to put on a spectacular visual performance - just as much as an auditory one. Queen did exactly the same.
  • Particular in more recent years, the band have had a knack for trialling very extravagant and strange costumes. It is no secret that Queen's wardrobe was the definition of... different.
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