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Contrary to the album cover Pre ordained is a bootleg album predominately featuring songs by Smile.[1] Unknown release date. The majority of the tracks on this release are in very poor quality, in particular those by Smile and Larry Lurex, which are obviously the most interesting. The two bootleg albums listed here are definitely bootlegs but have somehow found their way into reputable shops such as HMV, Virgin and Amazon. They feature mostly poor quality recordings, and inaccurate liner notes, referring to 'The Queen', 'The Smile' and 'Freddy Mercury'. Overall, the best of the bootlegs is the 1995 edition of 'Queen In Nuce', but the above 'Ghost Of A Smile' album and the 'Freddie Mercury: Solo' boxed sets cover the more interesting tracks in far better quality anyway.

Track listingEdit

  1. I Can Hear Music (Larry Lurex)
  2. Heart Be Still (Peter Straker)
  3. The Day The Talkies Came (Peter Straker)
  4. Going Back (Larry Lurex)
  5. I've Been To Hell And Back (Peter Straker)
  6. Tear Down The Walls (Peter Straker; no Queen involvement)
  7. Vamp (Peter Straker)
  8. April Lady (Smile)
  9. Black Swan (Peter Straker; no Queen involvement)
  10. Mad The Swine (Queen)
  11. Earth (Smile)
  12. Step On Me (Smile)
  13. Polar Bear (Smile)
  14. Blag (Smile)



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