In a project called Queen: The Top 100 Bootlegs, many of these have been made officially available to download for a nominal fee from Queen's website, with profits going to the Mercury Phoenix Trust.

The 'Top 100 Bootlegs' was a project which started in 2004, and aimed to make the 100 best Queen bootlegs available officially for the first time, but despite it's name, it was abandoned after only 32 bootlegs, presumably due to poor sales. The sets were available as either MP3 or WMA downloads from the 7Digital Store or QueenOnline shop, but as of September 2010, none of the shows are available to download.
Whilst it was a good idea, the selection of bootlegs is a strange one, as some were hybrids of multiple shows, and some feature content which is available on official releases. The dates and venues shown below have been compiled using other sources as the downloads themselves do not list details for many of the bootlegs. The bootlegs here are ordered chronologically by concert, but the details below are listed alphabetically by title. [1]



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