Queen + Paul Rodgers was the band that Brian May & Roger Taylor formed with Paul Rodgers (from Free & Bad Company) in 2005. Queen + Paul Rodgers is not the same band that Freddie Mercury & John Deacon played with they quit in 1992, the year after Mercury's death. In 2005 Queen + Paul Rodgers had a live act that sold out where they played all the old hits that Queen had and that Paul Rodgers had with Free and Bad Company. They Had two singles: Say It's Not True & C-lebrity. And They also had one studio album in 2008 called The Cosmos Rocks. The Cosmos Rocks had 14 all new songs.

The Cosmos Rock Track List Edit

1. Cosmos Rockin' 2. Time To Shine 3. Still Burnin' 4. Small 5. Warboys 6. We Believe 7. Call Me 8. Voodoo 9. Some Things That Glitter 10. C-lebrity 11. Through The Night 12. Say It's Not True (first played live in 2005) 13. Surf's Up... School's Out! 14. small reprise

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