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Made in Heaven
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Queen Expanded Studio Collection is a bootleg studio album created in response to the 2011 Queen 40 remasters by 2011 Bob Ludwig remasters.[1] The first album is A Kind Of Magic.


2011 year saw the reissue campaign of the whole Queen catalogue in remastered form from fresh transfers featuring some bonus material. Unfortunately for me it was the weakest back catalogue reissue campaign I've ever seen so far... All albums were presented in the cheapest form in (super) jewelcases with thick booklets without any useful information. There were no real deluxe treatments which is a shame. Bonus CDs were limited to 5-6 tracks for each album so poorly selected featuring only 1-2 real rarities for each album. It's especially a shame as it is very well known that there's a lot of interesting stuff in the vaults which can be used. Especially for '82 - '95 albums with a lot of various material previously released on singles. Another weak aspect of this reissue campaign is the quality of the sound. Some 70's albums now sounds better than ever with fresh transfers from masters, but the sound of albums from '80-'95 period was so dynamically overcompressed. So last year I decided to produce the whole back catalogue the way it deserves as I see it.

Main goals of this EXPANDED STUDIO COLLECTION project are:

  1. 1) To compile available studio material of listenable quality around each album into one set with clever structured track list for each disc to present the most accurate view of particular period.
  2. 2) To select the best version available for each track from all available sources (different CD pressings, vinyl transfers, tapes).
  3. 3) To feature some newly created special versions of tracks.
  4. 4) To remaster each track in 32 bit to my standards featuring careful removing of clipping and other unwanted digital/analogue artefacts (crackles/clicks/pops etc.).

Each album set will be presented in FLAC format files for each track with artwork in 300 dpi jpeg for printing and pdf booklet with all original artwork and main information about the album.



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