Queen Forever
Album by Queen
Released 2014
Recorded 1980–2014 [1]
Genre Rock
Producer(s) Queen

Queen Forever is a compilation album by Queen released in 2014. The album had been anticipated for some time[2] for tracks the band had "forgotten about" with vocals from original Queen frontman Freddie Mercury.[3] Queen bassist John Deacon is also on the tapes. Drummer Roger Taylor spoke about the album in December 2013, stating that he and guitarist Brian May were "getting the new year to finish what we've got there and then we're going to fashion some kind of album".[4] May announced the title in a radio interview on BBC Radio Wales on 23 May 2014 (at the Hay Festival), and stated that the album should be released in late 2014 and will be a compilation album.[5] It will be the first Queen album to feature unreleased material from singer Freddie Mercury (who died in 1991) and bassist John Deacon (who retired in 1997) since 1995's Made in Heaven. This will be the first original Queen release since the Mercury tribute single "No-One but You (Only the Good Die Young)" in 1997.


Brian May has said that most of the material "comes from the ’80′s when we were in full flight. It is quite emotional. It is the big, big ballads and the big, big epic sound".[6] He has also stated that it is similar to Made in Heaven.[5] May had earlier stated that the album may end up being a mixture of old existing material and new material containing at least three unreleased songs (later stating possibly as many as five). The album features Queen's collaborations with Michael Jackson.[7] The material has been fleshed out with modern technology by May.[8] It was hinted by Adam Lambert at the start of the 2014 Queen + Adam Lambert tour of North America, that "Love Kills" a Freddie Mercury solo song, has been reworked by Queen and included on this album.


Track listingEdit

Disc OneEdit

  1. Let Me In Your Heart Again
  2. Love Kills – The Ballad’
  3. There Must Be More to Life Than This (William Orbit Mix)’
  4. Play the Game
  5. Dear Friends
  6. You’re My Best Friend
  7. Love of My Life
  8. Drowse
  9. You Take My Breath Away
  10. Spread Your Wings
  11. Long Away
  12. Lily of the Valley
  13. Don’t Try So Hard
  14. Bijou
  15. These Are the Days of Our Lives
  16. Nevermore
  17. Las Palabras De Amor
  18. Who Wants to Live Forever

Disc TwoEdit

  1. I Was Born to Love You
  2. Somebody to Love
  3. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
  4. Friends Will Be Friends
  5. Jealousy
  6. One Year of Love
  7. A Winter's Tale
  8. '39 '
  9. Mother Love
  10. It’s A Hard Life
  11. Save Me
  12. Made in Heaven
  13. Too Much Love Will Kill You
  14. Sail Away Sweet Sister
  15. The Miracle
  16. Is This The World We Created
  17. In The Lap of the Gods … Revisited
  18. Forever


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