Secret Fantasy
Album by Queen
Released 2005
Recorded 1990-1991
Length 50:59
Format 1CD
Label Digital Queen Archives

Queen Album Chronology
Preceding Ultimate Miracle (2004)
This Album Secret Fantasy (2005)
Succeeding ()

Secret Fantasy is a bootleg album from the Innuendo studio sessions 1990-1991.

Track listingEdit

  1.  Innuendo  (explosive version)
  2.  I'm Going Slightly Mad  (edit version)
  3.  Headlong  (edit version)
  4.  I can't Live With You  (rock re-take)
  5.  These Are The Days Of Our Lives  (edit version)
  6.  Delilah  (demo version)
  7.  My Secret Fantasy  (demo of un-released track)
  8.  Headlong  (demo version)
  9.  Lost Opportunity  (b-side single only)
  10.  Robbery  (demo of un-released track)
  11.  Self Made Man  (demo of un-released track)
  12.  The Show Must Go On  (Hollywood remaster)
  13.  Queen Talks  (from b-side single)
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