The New Opposition
Origin The Opposition
Genre Rock
Years active 1966 - 1967
Associated Acts The Opposition
The Art
Members Pete Bartholomew
Nigel Bullen
Ronald Chester
David Williams
John Deacon
Richard Young

The New Opposition was the name of the band The Opposition after a member shift. After yet another member change, they went back to the original.


History Edit

The Opposition was formed by school friends John Deacon, Nigel Bullen, Richard Young and Clive Castledine. Peter 'Pedro' Bartholomew agreed to take over vocals, if they got a better bassist. Clive occupied that position and releasing he had less skill, left. John Deacon took over the bass. David Williams took guitar and Richard Young took the Keyboards. They then changed their name to The New Opposition. Ronald Chester joined late on in 1966 and David Williams took over the lead vocals after the band dismissed Pedro. They then became The Opposition again, and then The Art.

Repertoire Edit

During this period, their setlist expanded to contain the Yardbirds, the Animals, Tamla Motwon singles, The Zombies and The Spencer Davis Group.

Performances Edit

  • June 14 1966 - Cooperative Hall, Enderby
  • August 1966 - Cooperative Hall, Enderby
  • October 1966 - Casino Ballroom, Leicester
  • November 6 1966 - Monsell Youth Club, Eyres
  • November 11 1966 - Monsell Youth Club, Eyres
  • December 31 1966 - Market Harbour Youth Club, Leicester
  • January 13 1966 - Tennis Club, Leicester
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